Why Should You Continue Investing On Professional Development?

Remember when you graduated from college how excited you were now that you no longer have to study for exams and spend time and energy on assignments? It won’t take much time to realize that your workplace can be equally demanding and intense learning environment. Like it or in, in a workplace, employees constantly get judges based on their skills and capacities, and constantly get compared with other teammates. And unlike back in school, the crossbar at work keeps changing overnight. May it be due to the adaption of a new working system, sales target, policy decision or because you now have a new CEO with a different policy stand, employees are constantly being challenged. So how can you focus on your continuing your professional development?

Which areas need to be polished?

Have you noticed any specific areas in jour job that you find tough or need to be improved? Start looking at your performance reviews or speak to your supervisor, teammates or the HR division. Get advice from those who look up to at work. Working on the areas you think you need to improve on may include following a workshop at CPD HK, signing up for an online course in CPD HK or being mentored be a senior at office. For instance, if you job need excellent project management skills, check with you boss if he could be mentored by someone with outstanding project management skills.

Are you in line with the requirements of the job market?

When you get carried out with responsibilities at work, it doesn’t take much time to lose track of changing dynamics of the job market. Occasionally glance through job postings similar to yours and see if you are in line with the qualifications and the skills required. For instance, is your programing skills up to date? Are you informed of the new changes in the legislature? If think you need to brush up your knowledge on statues and ordinances, follow a brief legal CPD course.

Is your knowledge up to date?

Certain jobs need some degree of professional development annually to hold on to your professional status. Regardless of if this is mandatory or not, make certain that you are well aware of new developments in your field, to avoid losing your validity and making your company vulnerable to risks. Simply read professional magazines or trade related articles. Take part in professional forums or seminars or join a professional association. Ways be which you could stay updated on new developments are plenty.